Liberty Corporate Communication Campaign

Project summary: 

Following the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer, the Executive led by the new CEO set out to determine the future strategic direction of the 58 year old South African financial services icon. On its finalization, Latitude was tasked with developing an approach for taking this strategy to all 6500 staff in South Africa and across the African continent where Liberty has presence. The strategy had to be delivered in a way that not only made it understandable to all employees but also enlisted them to the future vision.

Our approach:

Focusing on the three core strategic principles, we segmented the campaign into four stages. Each of the three strategic principles would be addressed individually and the final campaign period would consolidate and summarise.

For each strategic principle, our recommended approach was to:

First, introduce the principle in a disruptive, engaging way without the specific business context. This would allow for each staff member to relate to the principle better and personally.

Second, communicate more context and relate it to familiar, non-financial brands that have both succeeded as a result of applying the principle or failed by not doing so.

Third, connect the principle to Liberty’s objectives and vision.

Finally to provide tools for leaders within the business to engage in conversation with their own teams, on the principle.

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