Nashua Visual Language

Nashua was going through a shift in focus, from a product to a benefit-based business and needed to re-position itself. The new story was to celebrate the evolution of Nashua from the original office automation / hardware-focused business to a value-added strategic partnership offering Managed Document Solutions (MDS).

Our plan of action was to get to the heart of Nashua by identifying its purpose and its promise and, in the most simple, clear and compelling way, use it to tell a unifying and universal story. The company’s core ethos was distilled into a fundamentally human and connective communication:

Tangible solutions today. Measurable value tomorrow.

MDS covers the entire document life cycle, including capturing, management, indexing, output and archiving. The idea of a “cell” was developed to represent the change of business focus. Keeping with a people-centred identity, a complete and comprehensive new visual system was designed that is simple, bright and personal. The new visual identity strips away all existing marks, updates the logo, and introduces a proprietary new typeface that’s open, accessible and immediately identifiable.

The clean blue, white and red palette eliminates the impersonal technological feel and invites collaboration and creativity across all Nashua touchpoints.

The Nashua Visual Language was designed in collaboration with Brand Inc Cape Town by Kyle Wilhelm while partner at Cure Creative

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